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Please Note: Mia is no longer accepting dating coaching clients. Please visit her at her real estate website at https://AtHomeWithMia.com.

In 2007, Mia Tidwell was recruited to be a contestant on the former hit show, Rock of Love, a reality tv show that followed around 28 girls while they engaged in grand gestures and ego-bruising challenges in order to win the heart of Bret Michaels.

This experience inspired Mia to start on the path towards becoming a matchmaker and a relationship coach. When recapping her overall experience and learnings from the show, she often states, “It was amazing to me how much people were willing to go through in order to find love.”

Since her stint on the show, Mia has spent the majority of her time as a Casting Agent, where she interviewed thousands of single men and women for numerous hit dating shows.  She has experienced firsthand in-depth viewpoints from people about what went wrong and what went right in their love lives.  These were often people who had their life so right but their love so wrong.

These conversations provided her with unique insight into what individuals truly desire in their mate. The dating game is constantly changing and evolving with more apps, websites, and options for love, but none of these are as valuable or genuine as a real person, an expert who understands what you’re looking for in a mate, to help you find true love.

Instead of viewing dating as a hassle, you can learn to enjoy the journey of finding love.  Mia Tidwell will be there not only as your relationship coach but also your friend to guide you through every step of the way.

Mia Tidwell Hollywood Film TV Credits

Mia Tidwell Hollywood Film TV Credits