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Mia Tidwell Dating Coach San Diego

Mia Tidwell Dating Coach San Diego

My name is Mia Tidwell. I’m a San Diego dating coach and matchmaker. I do dating coaching locally in San Diego and Los Angeles and I also have clients nationwide through online video. For the past 7 years I’ve been a Hollywood casting agent for many hit reality TV dating shows.

I’ve literally interviewed thousands of women and men who seem to have their lives right, but their love wrong. I’ve seen firsthand what some people do to sabotage their relationships, and I’ve also learned how others attract love and keep it.

Now, for the first time, I’m going to bring you the secrets I’ve learned from years of casting, coaching and matchmaking.

Here on my site, you’re going to hear stories on how people just like you found their soulmate, you’re going to get access to interviews with other top love experts, and you’re going to get real, hard-hitting, no BS feedback on how you can take your love game to the next level.

I genuinely believe in the power of love. I believe that it’s worth finding, and fighting for. And if you follow my method of getting your inside right, being authentic, and getting clear on what you want, you can and will find that special man or woman.

I’m now based in San Diego, CA as a San Diego Dating Coach and Matchmaker.


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San Diego Dating Coach

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"I had honestly lost almost all hope on ever finding someone. I had tried everything from speed dating to online dating sites with no luck. I had heard about Mia through a friend and though why not!? She made me feel so comfortable and I truly felt she had my best interest at heart. After only a few weeks, she set me up on a date with one of her clients. Best decision I’ve made! She was the perfect Los Angeles Dating Coach for me. We are still dating and I am excited to see what my future holds!"Katie, Dental Assistant, Newport Beach CA

"I was looking for a San Diego dating coach and so happy I found Mia. I have worked with matchmakers before, but I have to say that Mia is by far the BEST! It’s not everyday that you come across someone so caring of your own personal situation. She’s made me realize that dating should be fun and not stressful!"Danielle, Marketing, San Diego, CA

"After dating a good majority of the wrong type of woman, I finally caved and took a chance on Mia’s services as a San Diego dating coach. She was referred to me through a buddy. I wanted to meet a beautiful, quality woman. I met up with Mia and she went through everything I could ever want in a woman: from looks to personality to career. She made me feel so comfortable that I wasn’t just going to matched up with anyone; she wanted specifics! After my skepticisms, I have to say she nailed it! I am currently still dating my girl and we have plans for her to move in. I highly recommend Mia if you are serious about finding 'The One.'"Kevin, Entrepreneur, Del Mar, CA

"Where was Mia 10 years ago when I needed her! I had never even thought about working with a matchmaker until my girlfriend raved to me about her, and lets be honest, I really had nothing to lose. Mia basically took the “hard work” out of dating. It was nice to know that whomever she was going to set me up with would be a catch! I’ve had an awesome experience with Mia and her company!"Jenna, Catering, San Diego CA




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